Business Mediation is Convenient

We will mediate wherever the parties are most comfortable. provides complimentary state of the art northeast corridor conference facilities ideally located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Princeton, New Jersey. Providing convenient scheduling and conference space should not be an impediment to reaching the parties’ goal.

Individuals and corporations recognize business mediation as an ideal alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation. It is critical for the parties to find a neutral and objective mediator experienced in understanding commercial disputes and facilitating a resolution. Tony Volpe’s decades of experience, as an attorney and business advisor in a wide range of industries spanning intellectual property, commercial litigation and issues pertaining to all areas of business disputes, makes him uniquely qualified to help the parties to get to yes.

Our Services

Why Mediation?

Mediation allows parties locked in dispute to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve their differences.

Mediation Philosophy

Why would a 40-year litigator be an advocate for the spread of private mediation? Because litigation is too long, too expensive and is too much of a drag on a corporation’s energy.

Why Choose Us?

Tony Volpe’s background—from in-house counsel to business entrepreneur in founding intellectual property law firm Volpe and Koenig, P.C.—gives him a scope of experience that makes him uniquely qualified to guide parties through the mediation process.